Environmental issues are crucial for any company and therefore FREEQUENT makes a virtue of maintaining high consumer safety.



We do our utmost to prevent both people and the environment being exposed to any harmful chemicals. A close dialogue, our long term relations with our suppliers and ongoing inspection of our goods helps us ensure a high level of safety.


However, if we experience any kind of questionable products the production will immediately stop, while the circumstances are being investigated. Despite the great efforts, there are unfortunately no 100 % guarantees.


Our customers are our most valuable asset and we believe that keeping strict control of our production and acting fast and efficient when any challenges occur is the best way to maintain a loyal customer base.


We offer:

· 6 annual collections + Flash

· Exciting full range collection

  with new products every week.

· High mark-ups - High gross


· Access to our B2B portal.

· Advertising material and image


· A partner who understands and

  prioritizes retail.

· NOOS programme.

Already a partner?


We achieve the best results through job satisfaction. 

We meet people and face challenges with a positive attitude.

We are loyal, and build our business on openness, trust and honesty. 

This provides security for our business- partners and ourselves.

We thrive in a changeable world through innovation and quickly translate ideas into action.

Quality is the cornerstone of our company and something we will not compromise on. This is how we add value at every step.


Brands of Scandinavia a/s

Birkemosevej 11B · DK-6000 Kolding

phone +45 70 70 11 19


VAT 31937817



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